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Organizations and individuals who understand the need to follow the Constitution's guidelines for limited government

Kathy Smith
Catherine Austin Fitts of Salari Report
Constitution Commemoration Foundation, Inc.
Constitution Party of Utah
Constitutional Conservatives of Utah County
John Birch Society
Liberty Forum
Liberty Roundtable
National Independent American Party
Newquist Group
Principled Liberty Foundation
Roots of Freedom
Science Freedom
To Preserve the Nation
Utah Campaign for Liberty
Utah County Republican Assembly
Utah Eagle Forum
Utah Independent American Party
Stop any calls by Utah for an Article V Convention (also known as a "Convention of States," a "constitutional convention," or "con-con"), and rescind any current calls. Such an event would accommodate diverse amendment proposals, which would erode the protections to life, liberty, and property, that are currently guaranteed by the constitution.

Rather than change the Constitution, we need to insist that our elected officials follow Article VI and uphold their oath of office to support the Constitution.
Correct Course of Action

Follow the constitution as understood by those who ratified it.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison taught that states should erect barriers against the encroachment of the general government.

All public servants (particularly our governor, attorney general, state legislators, county sheriffs, and county clerks), supported by an informed citizenry, should ignore (nullify) any executive order, legislative statute, judicial opinion, and bureaucratic regulation that exceeds the bounds of the constitution.
Support Your Local Police

One of the hallmarks of a free society is local law enforcement. The 1828 Webster Dictionary defines a police officer as "an officer entrusted with the execution of the laws of a city." This clearly indicates the officer is responsible to the city.

Today's sheriffs are accountable to the local voters who elected them, and police chiefs are accountable to those locally elected officials who appointed the chiefs.

When law enforcement agencies become entangled with the federal government (through grants, funding or other programs), this accountability shifts.

For example, this article describes how unconstitutional federal funding drives local policing priorities, which brings us militarized police and elevated levels of violence in our communities.
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